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March 7-14, 2021 Weekly News

Because Lutherans are inspired by creative worship: Kudos to Pastor Kelsie for crafting this intricate banner that embodies the theme of Lent and our Again & Again series. Moving clockwise from bottom left, the images represent heart, body, mind and soul. The reflective journey is represented by diverse animal tracks inside the heart in the lower left. Imagine the footsteps of us all reflecting over a horizontal midline of the heart. A pattern of various breads completes the body quadrant. The bread motif speaks to our Communion ritual wherein the body of Christ is illustrated by bread. Creating a mid-tone in the mind quadrant, a gear pattern fills the space. It represents the continual processing of our thoughts. Lastly, the soul permeates all the other quadrants by appearing in the corners, just as God's light within us glows in all aspects of our lives. We are in this together. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER. We may be apart, but we are not alone.

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