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April 9-16, 2023 Weekly News

Because Lutherans are an Easter people, we want to sing Alleluia with everyone! EGGAPALOOZA, our first community-wide egg hunt with the Believe It Foundation and TLU Campus Ministries, was a HUGE success!!! Over 500 kids showed up to hunt for 20,000 eggs bright and early on a glorious Saturday morning. Special THANK YOU to our Emanuel’s Outreach and Service Team for your vision and planning that created such a monumental gift for our community. We could not have pulled this off without our fabulous volunteers: Sharon K, Judy S, Debby R, Emily P, Natalie A, Sarah K, Bryce K, Lindsay M, Deanna Z, Jonathan Z, Kristen B, Melissa B, Beverly S, Rissa S, Liz W, and the incredible TLU and Navarro ISD students, staff, and faculty! We learned a lot of things with this inaugural event, but most importantly: We can’t wait to do it again next year for even more kids and with even more eggs!!! We are better together..

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